What to Ask Before Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Service

Technician Cleaning Gutters - K-Guard Rocky Mountains

 What’s one of the most dreaded outdoor chores for homeowners? Cleaning the gutters. It’s true – there’s a lot to dislike about cleaning gutters. For one, it needs to be done at least twice a year, more if your home is surrounded by trees (odds are it is since we live in Colorado). Next, it’s […]

5 Common Gutter Myths & Facts

Home Façade with Gutter System - K-Guard Rocky Mountain

The average homeowner learns about gutters when they either need to replace them or when they’re purchasing a home and selecting a gutter system. There’s a lot to learn about gutter systems and quite a few things homeowners should be aware of regardless of the condition of your current gutter system. There are many misconceptions […]

5 Signs You Need a New Roof

If you’re unsure whether or not your roof needs to be replaced, continue reading to learn 5 signs you need a new roof so your home can be better protected.

How Freezing Rain Can Damage Your Home

Freezing Rain on Evergreen Branch | K-Guard Rocky Mountains

Colorado often gets the first taste of winter weather sometime in October. We don’t always get snow this early in the season, however, freezing rain is a common occurrence in the fall, signaling Old Man Winter is inching closer. Freezing rain is not an enjoyable winter weather occurrence, especially when compared to snow. It saturates […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Colorado Home in the Winter | K-Guard Rocky Mountains

Although it’s autumn, Old Man Winter will be making his debut within the next couple of months. Of course, living in Colorado means we get winter weather well before the winter solstice. Whether you’re excited about winter’s arrival or dreading it, it’s happening sooner than later. With Old Man Winter’s arrival comes the potential for […]

The History of Gutters

When was the last time you had a history lesson? Whether it was recent or many years ago, buckle down and get ready for a history lesson about gutters. While the concept of gutters may seem like a simple one, their invention and product evolution are more involved.   47 AD-The 1960s Believe it or […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Energy-Efficient This Fall/Winter

  Pretty soon fall weather will be in full effect here in Colorado which means winter weather is soon to follow. Those of us that call Colorado home are used to the freezing temperatures and winter weather and even enjoy the outdoor activities that come with cold weather. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing – if it can […]

How to Keep Pine Needles Out of Your Gutters

  Living in Colorado is truly magical. We have terrains like no other state in the nation and the number of activities we’re able to do as a result of the Rocky Mountains, lakes, and unique cities like Denver and Colorado Springs are endless. While we’re lucky to call Colorado home, residents do experience some […]

K-Guard vs. Gutter Screens & Filters

There are many options when it comes to selecting a gutter product to protect your home from drainage issues. Traditional open-top gutters, k-style gutters, gutter covers, filters, and screens are just some of the many gutter product options homeowners consider before installing them on their homes. While there are many options to choose from, many […]

How to Throw the Ultimate Summer Party

One of the best things about owning a home is that you get to entertain guests time and time again. While holiday parties can be tons of fun, one of the best types of parties to throw is a summer party, specifically an outdoor one! When you combine the beautiful weather that Colorado summers bring […]