Maintenance-Free for Life

K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System: Maintenance-Free for Life The first surprise gutters will give you is how cheaply they can be made and how poorly they can be installed when you don’t have true professionals doing the work. Did you know that the metal on gutters is available in five thicknesses? Let’s say a big hailstorm […]

Tips to Get your Home Ready for Summer

  Can you believe that the first official day of summer is just days away? Summertime is one of the best seasons – we are able to enjoy hot days and warm evenings outside, not to mention road trips and barbecues with friends and family. Nothing feels quite as refreshing as the arrival of summer, […]

What Exactly is Foundation Damage?

  Water collecting around your home’s foundation can cause water damage. Prevent water from collecting around the foundation. Make sure your gutters are properly draining water away from your home’s foundation.   If you are a homeowner, then odds are you’ve heard these warnings, whether it be from your realtor, property inspector or home insurance […]

How to Deal with and Prevent Ice Dams

  Are you ready for spring weather? Are you sad to see winter technically come to an end? Regardless of which side you’re on, we may not see consistent spring-like temperatures here in the Colorado region for a while. This means we could potentially have another few weeks of sleet, ice storms and snow. This […]

4 Benefits of Installing K-Guard

  Gutters are a crucial component to keeping your home’s structure safe from storm water that can cause damage to your roof and foundation. Gutter systems create a place for storm water and meltwater to collect and drain away from your home, directing the water away from your home’s foundation. What happens when your gutters […]

Downspouts 101

  Gutter systems, no matter which system you choose, have relatively the same basic parts: the actual gutter, slip connector, downspout, end cap, etc. Each part plays an integral role in draining stormwater and meltwater away from your home. One of the most important parts to a gutter system is the downspout. Do you know […]

Why K Guard Rain Gutter Leaf Free Gutters

  The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Solution From the rain storms of spring and summer, to the leaves and pine needles of fall, winter’s heaviest snow storms, you need a gutter system that can stand up to all weather. For the best leaf-free gutter guard and pine needle-proof gutter system, we recommend K-Guard’s full gutter […]

Your Winter Checklist: How to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

  Snow, sleet, and ice are just around the corner — and homeowners need to be prepared. While the season brings the promise of cozy evenings inside and fireside family time, nothing takes away from the joy of the holidays like an unexpected home problem. Before icy temps hit, it’s time to evaluate: Is your […]

Protect Your Gutters This Winter: What to Do and Why

  What will winter weather do to your gutter system? Is it protected from ice damage? Can it survive ice damage? How will you protect your gutters this winter? As you anticipate the rough winter ahead, make sure your home is fully and adequately prepared to handle winter weather. Gutter ice protection is vital to […]

Your Gutter Cover Options — And How To Pick The Best Gutter Guards

  On the hunt for gutter covers? You’ll find no shortage of gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter hoods on the market. Gutter protection systems each have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the choices you have when selecting the right system for your home.   Gutter Brush Do you remember using pipe cleaners […]