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4 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard

What’s one of the most frequented areas of your home? If you’re like most then the backyard is a high traffic part of your home, falling just behind other top areas like the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. Our backyards are often a site for entertaining whether it be summer barbecues, birthday parties, pool parties, or just a place to cozy up and enjoy a good conversation while sipping on a drink.

Now that the weather is warming up here in Colorado, you’ll probably be spending a lot more time outdoors, especially in your backyard. If you already love your backyard but are looking for ways to improve it or if you’re looking to redo your entire backyard then you’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing 4 tips for creating the ultimate backyard so you can enjoy every minute you spend out there until the weather starts to cool off.


Tip #1: Create a Comfortable Seating/Dining Area

With how often you entertain outdoors and how many cool summer evenings will be spent in the backyard with your family, you’ll want to make sure you create a comfortable seating/dining area to relax. Backyard parties, while fun and exciting, can be tiring especially in the summer heat. Guests will want an area to relax and sit down while they eat or sip on a drink, so seating is a must. You’ll also want an area to dine with your family for lunch or dinner outdoors when the weather is beautiful.

First, you’ll want to design a seating or dining area based on the size of your patio space. If you have a large patio then choose furniture that will seat more guests or family members (think outdoor sofas or larger patio tables). If your patio space is on the smaller side then opt for daintier pieces like bistro sets or smaller outdoor sofas with small side tables. Regardless of which size patio you have, you’ll be able to customize your space by adding some comfortable furniture.


Tip #2: Add Gardens

Adding lush gardens to your backyard can make it feel even cozier not to mention gardens can brighten up your backyard. Not only do they offer you some peace and tranquility but guests will be impressed with your gardening skills no matter how big or small your gardens are.

Gardens can either be vegetable gardens or more professionally landscaped gardens that include some flowering perennials or trees and shrubs. Planning a garden can be exciting, however, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions before you select the type of plants or garden you’ll end up planting:


  • Will these plants/flowers attract insects?
  • How much watering is required?
  • Are the plants you select pet-friendly?

You’ll be surprised at how many options there are when it comes to adding a garden to your outdoor space. You can plan one yourself and work on it with your family or you can hire a professional landscaping company. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but gardens can offer many benefits like lowering your stress levels, improving your mood, and can even improve your memory.


Tip #3: Add a Fence

Do you live in a neighborhood where the homes are fairly close together? If so then you may not spend as much time in your backyard, especially if your backyard borders other homes’ backyards. Your backyard space is supposed to be a tranquil place where you can relax and have some privacy. If your backyard backs up to a neighbor then it may be time to add a fence.

While we love our neighbors, we sometimes want our backyards to be private and feel like we’re separated from all of the other houses on the block. Before you add a fence to your property you’ll want to double-check with your homeowner association (HOA). Some HOAs have strict guidelines on the type of fence materials you can use while others are more lenient. Whatever the case may be, a fence will make your backyard feel more secluded like it should be.


Tip #4: Add Some Activities

Outdoor activities make every backyard more enjoyable. In fact, you may notice your entire family spends more time in the backyard due to having a variety of activities to keep them entertained.

What do we mean by “adding some activities”? Anything that gets your family excited to spend time in the backyard! This could be adding a swimming pool, cornhole area, trampoline, sandbox, etc. Of course, you’ll need to determine your safety standards for your family, but adding outdoor activities will get your entire family eager to spend more time together in the backyard.

By following any of the tips above, your backyard space is sure to become a favorite place to spend time at home. Your backyard will become the ultimate backyard space that family members and guests will love to visit.

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