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4 Ways K-Guard Adds Curb Appeal

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Every homeowner wants their home to look the best it possibly can. Our homes are an investment that we take pride in. We maintain the landscaping each spring and summer, prune the trees, trim the grass, and pressure wash the exterior of our homes to maintain its beauty.

Curb appeal is important not only to appease the neighbors but to attract potential homebuyers. If you’ve ever purchased or listed and sold a home then you know how important it is to attract the eye of a potential buyer. The exterior of a home is the first thing homebuyers see, so it needs to be in great shape. Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or if you plan on never moving, curb appeal is important.

The gutter system is an important part of a home’s exterior for many reasons. Some gutter systems can be an eyesore, but it’s important to have a quality, attractive gutter system installed on your home. Continue reading to learn 4 ways K-Guard adds curb appeal and why it’s the best choice for homeowners in Colorado.

1. K-Guard is Available in Many Colors

Most gutter installation companies offer several different color options for their gutter system to make it easy for their gutter product to complement any home, however, their color options are extremely limited. Your home is unique and has its own beauty – it should have a gutter system installed that perfectly complements the exterior of the home, not a gutter system that simply “matches” a little bit. 

Luckily, K-Guard is available in many colors 37 to be exact! From cool neutral tones to warm earthy tones, choosing a gutter system that complements your home has never been easier. Our team of experts will help you select a color that suits your home and adds curb appeal.

2. K-Guard Will Look New For a Lifetime

Have you ever driven by a home that had a gutter system that wasn’t in great shape? Whether the gutter system was overflowing, tearing away from the home, or if it had dents and chips in the paint, it probably made you cringe. A home’s gutter system is part of the exterior, the part of the home that catches the eye of potential homebuyers. When a gutter system is damaged it becomes an eyesore and takes away from the home’s beauty.

K-Guard will never take away from the beauty of a home. Our gutter system will look new for a lifetime. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System will never corrode, regardless of the elements, and the paint will never chip. Our gutter product will also never tear away from the home, sag, or overflow. How can we be so sure? Our gutter system is so durable that it comes with three-lifetime warranties that include a lifetime paint warranty, a lifetime no-clog warranty, and a lifetime no pull away warranty. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is so durable that it’s guaranteed transferable for the life of the home – something other gutter installation companies in Colorado can’t offer!

3. K-Guard is Seamless

A home that has a seamless gutter system installed will attract potential homebuyers more than a home that has a sectional gutter system. Why? Sectional gutter systems have many seams and joints that are connected and installed in sections, hence the name. Sectional gutters aren’t as sleek as seamless gutter systems and they clog a lot easier. Clogged gutters create a whole slew of issues including overflowing gutters, sagging gutters, and they’re more likely to tear away from the home.

Unlike traditional sectional gutter systems, K-Guard is seamless. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System has no joints that connect multiple pieces of aluminum or steel, rather, it’s cut and installed in one continuous piece of material. There are many advantages to seamless gutters: they eliminate leaks, have a sleek appearance, offer more durability, and are aesthetically pleasing, adding curb appeal to your home.

4. K-Guard Has a Curved Hood that Keeps Debris Out

One of the many advantages of installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is that it has a curved hood. Our curved hood allows rain, meltwater, and all other forms of precipitation to flow from the roof and into the gutters. The curved design of the hood enables leaves and other debris to slide off of the gutter system and eliminates debris from entering the gutter through a narrow opening. Since only water adheres to our curved hood and enters the gutter system there is nowhere for debris, leaves, and pests to enter the system, thus, it’ll never become clogged and things will never sprout from the gutters.

Have you ever seen a home with little trees growing from inside the gutters? It’s a complete eyesore and unfortunately a common issue with traditional half-round gutter systems. Even half-round gutter systems that have a gutter screen or filter installed can sprout little trees from the gutters. All that’s required to grow a weed or a tree is a seed, soil, sunlight, and water – all things that are found in a half-round gutter system. K-Guard eliminates this and keeps the gutters free from all debris offering complete protection.

K-Guard easily adds curb appeal to any home whether it’s an older home or a custom-built newer home. Regardless of your home’s style or design, K-Guard will complement its beauty and add curb appeal, attracting potential homebuyers and appeasing neighbors.

If you’re ready to make the switch to K-Guard today and add curb appeal to your home, schedule a free estimate. Our free estimate includes a detailed analysis of your home’s current gutter system as well as our recommendations and pricing for installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: 


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