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5 Signs You Need a New Roof

Roofs are an essential part of every home; they protect us and keep us safe and warm. But what happens when a roof isn’t doing its job? Like other parts of a home, roofs start to deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. 

If your home is newer it’s likely not something you need to worry about anytime soon, however, you will need to replace it down the road. On the contrary, if your home is older, it’s likely showing some signs that it’s time to get a new one. If you’re unsure whether or not your roof needs to be replaced, continue reading to learn 5 signs you need a new roof so your home can be better protected.


1. It’s About to Turn A Quarter-Century

If your roof is about to celebrate its silver birthday, it’s time to get it replaced. Roofs need to be replaced roughly every 15 years depending on the type of roof. Asphalt shingle roofs typically last anywhere from 20-25 years whereas metal and clay roofs can last upwards of 40 years.  

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common material used in America and often come with warranties around that 20-25 year mark. If your roof has already celebrated its 25th birthday or if it’s inching closer and closer, it’s a good idea to contact a roofing specialist to get the installation process started. You don’t want your roof to be out of warranty if something does go awry. Likewise, you want your home and your family to be protected.


2. You’re Discovering Roof Sediment

If you’ve discovered roof sediment inside your gutters or around your downspouts it could be a sign that it’s time to replace your roof. If it’s fairly new then finding roof sediment is usually normal and doesn’t indicate an issue, however, if your roof is older or if there was recent severe weather then there could be a problem. 

Severe weather that brings hail can cause major damage to asphalt shingle roofs. Hail can cause the tiny granules on asphalt shingles to chip off, loosening the shingles over time. It’s best to contact your homeowners insurance for an assessment following a severe storm to ensure no damage was done to your roof.

Older asphalt shingles lose tiny granules over time, and if you’re discovering more and more sediment in your gutters or around your downspout and splash blocks then it’s probably time to consider replacing the roof.


3. Interior Leaks

Leaks, unfortunately, indicate an immediate repair is needed. Leaks in your home’s attic are often a result of missing shingles. Whether interior leaks are big or small, they need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage like mold and structural damage. Some roofing professionals can patch small leaks, but it may be a good time to assess your current roof and see if it’s time to replace it before more damage can occur.


4. Cracked Shingles

Older roofs and roofs that have undergone stress from the elements will develop cracked shingles over time. While roofs do their job to protect our homes and keep them dry, they’re not waterproof or weatherproof. When asphalt shingles are exposed to climates with fluctuating temperatures then the shingles will expand in the heat, resulting in thermal expansion, causing cracks. The more seasons your roof experiences the more likely the shingles are to crack over time.


5. Missing Shingles

Shingles can also go missing due to the elements. High winds, hail, heavy rain, and downed trees can all cause shingles to become loose and fly right off of the roof. If you notice missing shingles then it’s best to contact a roofing installation company immediately to assess and repair the damage.


If you notice any of the above then it’s likely time to get your roof replaced. Roofing problems are no fun, but all roofs inevitably need to be replaced at some point. Pay attention to the warning signs above to avoid costly damage to your home’s exterior and interior.

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