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5 Things That Are Creeping & Crawling in Your Gutter System

Our gutter systems keep our homes safe from drainage issues and keep our roofs dry, but did you know that they’re often a hotspot for some creepy and crawly critters and pests? If you have an open-top gutter system then your system is at risk of housing some insects and critters you’d never expect to take residence in your gutter system.

So what types of critters are capable of calling your gutter system home? Keep reading to learn about 5 things that are creeping and crawling in your gutter system.


What Pests Can be Found in My Gutter System?


1. Insects

When gutter systems aren’t properly cleaned multiple times a year, they often become an ideal ecosystem for insects. What do insects need to live and breed? There are many different variables that insects need to survive: the temperature must be right for their particular species, higher humidity levels, and a steady source of food. 

Insects like mosquitoes, wasps, millipedes, and centipedes, among other creepy crawlers, are often found inside open-top gutter systems that aren’t cleaned and maintained properly. Because debris like leaves, dirt, and rocks can get trapped in an open-top gutter system, clogs occur. When debris combines with water that’s not able to flow freely as a result of clogs and improper cleaning, insects thrive, especially during the spring and summer months. Not only do they nest in clogged gutter systems but they reproduce very quickly.


2. Birds

While birds are adorable and sing such beautiful songs, we don’t want them living in our gutter systems. Have you ever had a bird build a nest near your front door or back patio? If so then you know how much of a nuisance it can be to deal with not only the mess their droppings make but how protective and aggressive they can be when there are baby birds in their nest. 

Understandably, they don’t like humans getting anywhere near their nests, and unfortunately for them, a gutter system surrounds a home so if they nest in the gutter system then it’s inevitable. Not only will they create a mess and become aggressive if they’re protecting their hatchlings but they’ll generate quite a mess if they take up residence in your gutter system, not to mention leaving behind a nest that will clog your gutter system. 

If a gutter system isn’t cleaned regularly then they have all of the building materials needed to construct a nest: twigs, dirt, and leaves.


3. Rodents

Are some rodents adorable? Yes. However, you still don’t want them calling your gutter system home no matter how cute they may be. Chipmunks, squirrels, and even mice among other rodents often like to nest in untidy gutter systems. 

What damage can rodents possibly cause if they live in your gutter system? Besides leaving a mess behind, they can clog your gutters by creating a blockage that prevents water from flowing freely through the downspouts and draining away from your home. Not only do they create clogs but they can cause damage to your home’s roof and siding by chewing on them and ultimately making their way into your home.


4. Worms

Everyone knows that worms need soil to survive, and when a gutter system is clogged with dirt and other debris then it can become a hotspot for earthworms. While worms don’t typically crawl up your home to gain access, there are some theories on how worms make their way into a gutter system, although they’re not proven. Some research suggests they can be carried and dropped via birds while some suggest they make their way into your gutter system via overhanging tree branches. Whatever the case, they’re creepy and crawly and shouldn’t live inside of your gutter system.


 5. Snakes

Snakes are perhaps the most feared pest that can make their way into your gutter system and cause all types of issues. Creepy and slithering snakes can call a gutter system home if they have a food source readily available. If mice and other rodents nest in your gutter system then snakes can make their way into the gutter system via the downspout or if they fall from an overhanging tree branch.

In addition to instilling fear in most homeowners, snakes can cause gutters to clog and the ability to flush water at a rapid rate can be slowed if the snake is taking up space.

One of the best ways to ensure pests never make it into your gutter system let alone call it home is to install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our complete gutter system eliminates the possibility of becoming clogged from pesky pests because of the design of our curved hood that has a narrow opening that only water can squeeze into. Since only water adheres to our curved hood and enters the gutter system there is nowhere for debris, leaves, and pests to enter the system, thus, it’ll never become clogged.

If you’re tired of unwanted pests lurking in your gutter system, give K-Guard a call today at (303) 476-4323 or request a free gutter replacement estimate online. We look forward to helping you keep unwanted pests and creepy crawlers out of your gutter system!


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