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Activities to Keep Busy This Summer in Denver

We’re so fortunate to live in the Denver area. There is so much to do whether it be outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, or canoeing, and indoor activities like Union Station and plenty of museums and indoor venues to tour. There is plenty to do here in the Denver area, making it easy to entertain children of all ages.

Summer is right around the corner which means the weather will be warming up and summer activities will be in full swing. It’s the perfect time of year to explore our beautiful area whether it be outdoors or indoors. It’s also a great time to tackle some outdoor home projects. Continue reading for some activities to keep busy this summer so you can take full advantage of the upcoming summer season!

Outdoor Activities

Wintertime is for fun in the snow like snowboarding and skiing in Breckenridge and Keystone while summertime is time for some fun in the warm sun. There are plenty of outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy during the summer months. Below are just a few ideas for some outdoor activities to enjoy this summer:


While winter hikes are great, there’s something about hiking in the summertime with the warm summer sun shining in the mountains. There are many great day hikes in our area. Take the whole family or go on a hiking date with your significant other or friends at any of the following trails: Cherry Creek Regional Trail, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Pawnee Pass, Staunton State Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and so many more. Hiking during the summer months is a great way to get your mountain fix and enjoy the beautiful blooms and scenic lake and mountain views. Just be sure to slather on the sunscreen and pack plenty of water and snacks.


Enjoying a park with the whole family during the summertime is a great way to get everyone outdoors while enjoying nature. There are some beautiful local parks like City Park and Cheesman Park for the whole family to discover that don’t require an entire day of hiking.

Zoos & Animals

Denver Zoo is a pretty incredible place the whole family will enjoy exploring. There are plenty of big cats, reptiles, and other exotic animals at the zoo for kids of all ages to enjoy. If you’re looking for more of a sanctuary, The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg is a great place to explore. There are elevated walkways for the entire family to safely explore the natural habitats of wild animals like lions and bears. The Downtown Aquarium is also a great place to enjoy some aquatic animals.

Indoor Activities

Sometimes you just need to beat the heat and escape from the outdoors and enjoy some indoor activities with air conditioning. Below are some great indoor activities the whole family will enjoy this summer:

  • Museums – Denver Art Museum, Molly Brown House Museum, Forney Museum of Transportation, and the National Ballpark Museum are just a few of our favorites here in the Denver area.
  • Union Station – foodies and shoppers will enjoy exploring Union Station for hours on end this summer. There is something for kids of all ages to enjoy from the food to the history and the amazing shops.
  • Concerts & Festivals – Denver is home to some amazing concert venues and there is always a great performer visiting our city. Enjoy a concert or festival this summer like New Kids On The Block, Brad Paisley, Chris Stapleton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in concert, and so much more.

Home Projects

Summertime is the perfect time of year to tackle some home projects. Whether you’ve been wanting to DIY a project like pressure washing the exterior of your home or stain your deck, now is the time. Consider any of the following home projects to keep you busy this summer:


A great DIY home project this summer is to refresh your landscaping. Clean out garden beds and refresh them with new plants and blooms to give your home a more vibrant feel. Adding fresh mulch to garden beds can also drastically improve your landscaping. Whether you want to simply refresh or completely redo your landscaping, take advantage of the summertime to get your project started so the plants can get established before the cold weather makes a comeback.

Stain Patios/Decks

Summertime is the perfect time of year to stain your patio or deck. The summer sun is hot here in Denver which speeds up drying times. Staining your patio or deck in the early morning hours will allow it to dry rather fast once the sun comes up.

Replace Your Gutter System

Spring and summer are perfect times of year to replace your gutter system before fall and winter arrive. Generally speaking, gutters should be replaced on average every 20 years, but this varies greatly depending on a couple of different factors. 

There are a couple of factors that will determine how long a gutter system will hold up: the material of the gutter system and weather conditions. Nature can do quite a number on a gutter system, especially in Denver and the surrounding cities. We experience all four seasons including a harsh winter with frigid temperatures and more snow than most other areas in the country. All types of weather conditions shorten the lifespan of traditional gutter systems especially if significant damage occurs from hail or heavy snow and ice dams.

If your gutters are leaking, sagging, overflowing, have become an eyesore, or if you’re tired of cleaning out leaves multiple times per year, consider making the switch to the K-Guard System. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is a complete system that keeps leaves, debris, and pests out for good. Our gutter product can withstand all types of weather conditions including our harsh winters and is guaranteed transferable for the life of the home! Your K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System will never corrode and the paint will never chip.

Whether you live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Centennial, or any of the surrounding cities, you’re bound to have an exciting and enjoyable summer if you attend any of the events above, explore our area, or tackle any home projects. All of us at K-Guard wish you a wonderful summer spent with loved ones!

To install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, contact our team of professionals today. K-Guard Rocky Mountains is the premiere gutter company in Colorado, providing a leaf-free gutter solution for homeowners for many years. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations:

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