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Do All Homes Need Gutters?

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Rain, snow, and ice make their way onto our roofs and trickle down into our gutter systems, which our gutters then collect and direct into the downspouts. Our downspouts disperse water away from the home, keeping the foundation dry and free of standing water. 

If a home doesn’t have a gutter system, stormwater and meltwater will trickle down the roof and over the sides, collecting around the home’s foundation and causing all sorts of issues. So, a gutter system can protect a home from drainage issues, but does every home need a gutter system? Continue reading.


Dangers of Not Having a Gutter System

As we just mentioned, if a home doesn’t have a gutter system, water will flow from the roof and trickle down the soffit and fascia boards, the siding, and the foundation. Rather than collect inside a gutter system, stormwater and meltwater will have no choice but to build up around a home’s foundation, causing a trench that will lead to excess water. The result? Lots of possible damage to your home. Below are just a few things that can happen as a result of not having a proper gutter system installed.


Roof Deterioration

Imagine if your home didn’t have gutters – how would the water that falls on the roof drain away? Simply put, it wouldn’t. There would be nowhere for the water to collect and drain, thus, it would be forced to trickle over the side of the home or collect and stay on the roof. Water that’s left to collect on a roof can lead to all sorts of roofing issues like mildew, algae, and shingles losing granules, and the entire roof will deteriorate with time. 

Roofs are a major investment for homeowners and the last thing you want is to have to replace them before you should. Having a quality gutter system installed on your home is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your roof.


Basement Flooding & Foundation Damage

Discovering a basement leak or flood is a nightmare for homeowners, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs. Most basement leaks are a result of a gutter system that isn’t working properly to drain water away from the home’s foundation, forcing it to collect there. 

Leaking basements and foundation damage go hand in hand because the foundation of a home is the exterior wall of a basement. When that standing water collects around the foundation, it’ll eventually create a trench, never allowing the water to drain away. All of this standing water that surrounds the foundation will cause extreme damage over time, eventually creating structural damage.


Landscaping Damage

Our landscapes are the book covers of our homes; it’s what everyone sees first before they enter our homes. If the landscaping is in rough shape then potential homebuyers may think the same is true for our home’s interior. Landscaping damage is most often a result of underwatering or overwatering. Overwatering can occur from water that’s forced to flow from the roof and over the side of the home if it doesn’t have a gutter system installed. We pour our hearts into our landscaping and garden beds, so why not protect them by installing a gutter system?


Damage to the Siding

Water has no choice but to trickle down the roof and onto the soffit and fascia boards and eventually the home’s siding. If water is left to collect around your home’s siding, you can expect to see issues like mold, stains, and even health hazards to your family. Gutters and downspouts keep every part of your home protected from stormwater and meltwater including your home’s siding. You do not want your home to become an eyesore due to siding stains and mold.


So, do All Homes Need Gutters?

Knowing the damage that can occur from not having a gutter system installed, do you think every home needs them? Absolutely! Every home needs a quality gutter system installed to protect it from drainage issues, especially in Centennial, Aurora, Boulder, and surrounding cities due to extreme weather conditions.

Our weather is wild here in Colorado. We experience all four seasons with extreme winters and hot, hot summers. With the higher-than-average snowfall totals we get each year, we need gutter systems to collect and drain meltwater from snow and ice. We also have severe thunderstorms in the spring and summer months that can cause torrential downpours that can cause damage unless we have a quality gutter system installed on our homes.

The K-Guard system is so durable that it can handle a minimum of 23 inches of rain per hour, making it strong enough to stand up to torrential downpours. Our curved hood will keep flying debris from severe storms like leaves, twigs, and seeds out of the gutters, only allowing water to flow throughout the system, preventing clogs. Our gutter system also helps prevent ice dams from forming due to our curved hood allowing snow and meltwater to simply slide off. Another bonus? Our gutters are mounted above the floodplain, not on the soffit and fascia boards, and will never void your home’s roof warranty.

Contact our team today to learn more about the K-Guard System or call (970) 432-8093. K-Guard is the premiere gutter company in Colorado, providing a leaf-free gutter solution for homeowners for many years. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: 

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