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How Often do I Need to Clean My Gutters?

We all have our list of spring cleaning chores to complete: disinfect the entire house, move furniture and clean underneath, pressure wash the exterior of the home, freshen up outdoor gardens, etc. There’s another chore that should be added to your spring cleaning routine (and other seasonal to-do lists) that’s commonly dreaded – cleaning the gutters.

If your home has half-round or open-top gutters then you should be used to cleaning them and would probably agree that it’s not exactly the most exciting task to complete. It’s a chore that takes quite a bit of time and it’s a little dangerous considering you have to use a ladder to reach the top of the gutter system. 

While all homeowners would agree that cleaning their open-top gutters is one of their least favorite chores, it must be done often to ensure that the gutter system is working its best to eliminate clogs and drainage issues. 

Have you purchased a home that has traditional open-top gutters but you aren’t sure how to clean them? Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for a while but have never cleaned them or simply need a refresher. Whatever the case may be, continue reading. We’re going to share how often you need to clean your gutters and we’ll walk you through the process.


How Often Should I Clean Them?

Ask yourself this question – how often do I usually clean my half-round gutters? If you’re unsure of the answer or if you’ve never cleaned them then it’s time to get serious about it! Traditional gutter systems should be cleaned at least twice a year, according to the National Center for Healthy Housing.

Furthermore, how often you should clean your gutter system depends on a few different factors like how many trees are near your home and the local weather conditions. If your property has a lot of trees that are close to your home then you may want to clean them three to four times per year. On the contrary, if you don’t have many trees on your property or any near your home then you can stick to cleaning them twice a year.

Living in a state like Colorado means we experience severe winter weather that can cause common nuisances to your gutters like ice dams. We also see our fair share of heavy rains and severe thunderstorms during springtime, summertime, and fall, which can cause all sorts of debris like pine needles and leaves to get trapped in an open-top gutter system. If you have trees near your property then there is a chance that your open-top gutter system can become clogged.

Why is it so crucial to clean your gutter system? As we mentioned earlier, an effective gutter system prevents drainage issues, but if you allow your gutter system to become clogged then you could potentially see rotting soffits & fascia boards, algae/moss, a leaky roof, and even foundation damage.


How Should I Clean My Gutter System?

Cleaning a gutter system isn’t difficult, rather time-consuming and requires you to take caution since you’ll need to use a ladder. If you’re uncomfortable using a ladder for a long period of time then please consult a professional or ask a family member or friend to clean them for you. We want you to be as safe as possible!

Follow the 4 steps below to properly clean your gutters.


Step #1

The first step to cleaning your gutter system is to gather all the materials you’ll need. Be sure you have the following items:

  • Ladder (one that’s tall enough so that you’re able to look down into your gutters)
  • Gloves
  • Scoop
  • Bucket
  • Garden hose
  • Plumber’s snake (optional)

Now that you have all of the materials you’ll need, you’re ready to move on to step #2.


Step #2

The gutter cleaning process starts with a fairly simple yet time-consuming step – remove all debris from the gutters. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your gutter system then you’ll probably notice there are some leaves, pine needles, silt, and even some insects. Using your gloves, scoop, and bucket, remove as much debris as you can.


Step #3

If you want to take your gutter cleaning to the next level, take a look at your downspouts. If they seem clogged (overflowing gutters, water trickling slowly out of the downspouts, etc.) then you’ll want to take a plumber’s snake and insert it into the corners of the downspouts. You should be able to remove debris like leaves and twigs that can easily clog the downspout.


Step #4

The final step to cleaning your half-round gutter system is to flush out debris. To do so, take your garden hose and let the water flow from the gutters into the downspout and out of the gutter system. By flushing the gutter system with a garden hose then you’ll be able to remove the debris that’s hard to remove by hand (silt, small rocks, roof sediment, etc.). 

If you follow the 4 steps listed above then your gutter system should remain relatively clean. Again, if you’re uncomfortable using a ladder or cleaning your gutter system yourself then contact a professional gutter cleaning company or ask a family member or friend to clean them for you. Just remember to clean them regularly, at least twice a year! 

Ready to never have to clean your gutter system again? It’s possible when you install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our product, when compared to a traditional gutter system, has a curved hood that eliminates the possibility of leaves and other debris from entering the system, therefore eliminating clogs for good.

Ready to install your seamless, leaf-free gutter system?  Schedule a free in-home estimate today. Our estimates include all the information you need to make an informed decision on installing K-Guard, including a thorough assessment of your home’s current gutter system. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations:


We look forward to helping you eliminate the chore of cleaning your gutter system!


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