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How to Deal with and Prevent Storm Damage


Oh, summer – you bring joy to those who take advantage of your relaxed vibe as they enjoy pool parties, vacations, trips to the beach, etc. However, along with the joy you bring us, you also bring the potential for severe storm damage from your boisterous squalls.

Thunderstorms, rainstorms, hailstorms, monsoons – you name it, odds are we see it during the summer months. With these severe storms usually comes torrential downpours, hail, strong winds, and even tornadoes. All of these things can wreak havoc on homes, especially if the houses are not prepared to face the risk of storm damage.

What damage can result from these powerful summer storms? Flooding, damaged, or missing shingles, missing gutters, and hail damage to name a few. Luckily, there are measures you can take if you find your home has damage following a storm as well as ways to prevent storm damage. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with and prevent storm damage so your home and everyone inside can stay safe no matter the weather conditions.


How to Deal with Storm Damage

Missing shingles and fallen gutters, broken windows, and flooding – if these things occur to your home because of storm damage, there are some things you can do to remedy them.

First, and most importantly, if your home suffers severe storm damage like structural damage, downed power lines, etc., be sure to contact your local storm damage center or police station to make sure your home is safe. You never want to access your own roof or other parts of your home if trees are down, part of your roof is missing and so on. Safety is always a top priority.

Next, be sure to contact your home insurance provider. They will walk you through the process of dealing with storm damage and can help get repairs started right away. Home insurance providers are there to help you in the event of a home emergency.

After you contact the respective parties and they deem it safe for you to inspect your home, look for flood damage and broken windows. If area rugs and carpets are soaked, then removing them can help prevent mold build up. Also, be sure to turn on ceiling fans and other fans throughout your home to help dry out any moisture. If you have broken windows or doors then carefully remove any shattered glass to avoid injury.

You will also want to contact your local electric company to report a power outage.


How to Prevent Storm Damage

While there is no way to ensure absolutely no damage will occur to your home (thanks, Mother Nature!) there are some measures you can take to prevent certain kinds of storm damage. Follow the tips below to protect your home and your loved ones from storm damage year- round.


Invest in Home Insurance
One of the best things you can do to protect your home and keep it safe from storm damage and other disasters is to invest in home insurance. While policies differ between homeowners insurance providers, they all exist to protect your home’s structure and the things inside of it.

You can protect the following with most homeowners insurance policies: the physical structure of your home, detached structures of your home (detached garages, sheds, fence, etc.), personal property (jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc.), food that spoils due to a long term power outage, etc.

Most homeowners insurance policies start at an affordable monthly payment and of course they are a wise investment to protect your possessions and your home from severe storm damage. It is better to be safe than sorry!


Invest in Gutter Insurance
Most homeowners insurance providers will present you with the option to add gutter insurance in the event a natural disaster blows your gutters off of your house. If you can afford the extra coverage, definitely invest in gutter insurance. We see pretty extreme weather conditions here in Colorado, so protecting your gutters from possible damage is a wise choice.


Make the Switch to K-Guard
Another way you can prevent storm damage from occurring to your home? By making the switch to K-Guard, of course! Our gutter systems are completely seamless and leaf-free. That is right – you will never have to worry about clearing out leaves and debris from gutters following severe weather. Another plus? Because K-Guard is mounted above the flood plain, so no separation from the fascia and soffit can occur. Out gutter systems are made from all-weather polymers that will keep your gutter system intact through severe storms.

In the event you do experience leaf and debris build up in your K-Guard gutter system, our lifetime warranty covers all inspections and we will even clean your gutter system for free. We guarantee that your K-Guard gutter system will prevent all clogs from happening in the event of severe weather.

By doing everything you can to prevent storm damage from happening to your home, you are protecting your home’s structure and the things and people you love inside your home. By investing in homeowners insurance, gutter insurance and making the switch to K-Guard, your home will be better protected from storm damage.

If you’d like to make the switch to K-Guard, contact us today or give us a call at (303) 476-4323. We offer free estimates and would be happy to help you make the switch to K-Guard today.


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