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How to Refresh Your Patio Space

We’re entering the season of backyard parties and hosting family and friends for a cookout or other summer-themed festivity. Whatever the reason for your celebration, your patio space is the part of the home where outdoor parties are held so it should be in the best possible shape. A patio space can have so much more than just patio furniture and a grill; you can make it uniquely yours by adding fun, timeless pieces, and accents.

If you’re interested in redesigning your patio space or simply want to refresh it with a few new ideas, continue reading to learn how to refresh your patio space so you can take full advantage of hosting gatherings there this spring and summer.

Create a Plan/Design

Before you start buying pieces and decorating your patio space create a plan or design first. Map out the right size furniture for your space as well as accessories or accents you want to add. Having a plan in place before purchasing all of the pieces will help prevent overcrowding and will help everything feel more uniform than purchasing things on a whim. 

Add/Refresh Patio Furniture

If you’re starting with a blank slate for a patio space you’ll want to consider adding patio furniture. Patio furniture provides your family and guests with seating so they can be comfortable during their visit. Follow our tips below for choosing patio furniture based on the size of your outdoor space.

Smaller patios

Don’t feel discouraged if you have a smaller patio space. There are still plenty of patio furniture options that work for small spaces – some can even make your space seem larger than it is. Consider adding patio furniture that doesn’t take over the entire patio; choose sets or individual pieces that are slender and of neutral tones so they appear smaller. Small sofas, bistro sets, individual chairs, and small tables are all great options for smaller patio spaces.

Larger patios

Larger outdoor spaces allow for more patio furniture but be careful not to overcrowd the space to avoid it appearing smaller than it is. If you have a large family or host large gatherings then large outdoor sofa sets and table and chair sets may be the best option for you. While the options are endless for large outdoor spaces keep in mind to leave room for other accessories.

Add Accents and Decorations

There are so many options when it comes to adding accents and decorations to your patio space. Big or small, there are accents and decor items that are available for all patio sizes. Below are just some of the many options to decorate your patio space with.

Fire Tables

Fire tables are available in an array of sizes and styles so finding one to complement your space should be easy. Whether you’re looking for a larger fire table with plenty of seating options or a small table topper, there are plenty of options. Family members and guests will love gathering around a cozy fire during the cooler summer evenings.



While most patio spaces have floodlights or other light fixtures that are attached to the home, there are plenty of options when it comes to adding extra lighting to your patio space. From string lights to lanterns and light poles, there are many different lighting options to choose from. The right lighting can create the perfect ambiance for an outdoor celebration with family and friends.


While most backyards already have landscaping of some sort whether it be a vegetable or flower garden, adding greenery to your patio space can refresh it. For smaller spaces choose smaller plants that are great for tabletops. Likewise, for larger patio spaces choose to pot some trees like palms or larger plants.


This is where your personality can come out in the design of your outdoor patio space. There are many outdoor decorations available at nearly every store. From outdoor pillows to garden accents and outdoor wall decor, the options are endless. Whether your outdoor theme is nautical or rustic, there are plenty of decor options available to give your patio space a personal touch and make it truly unique.

Refreshing your patio space is a fun chore that can make spring and summer entertaining more enjoyable. From adding new patio furniture to incorporating outdoor decorations and accents, there are many ways to refresh your outdoor patio space.

Along with all of the fun styling tips above, no outdoor space is complete without a quality gutter system. Updating your gutter system to K-Guard will complete your outdoor space and give it a more refreshed look. With 37 colors to choose from, including warm vibrant hues and cool earthy tones, it’s easy to match your K-Guard Gutter Guards to your patio space. Outdated gutters can be a real eyesore when it comes to an outdoor patio space! Luckily K-Guard will add to the beauty of your patio, not take away from it.

What sets the K-Guard system apart from the competition when it comes to keeping twigs, pests, and other debris out? From how our gutter system is mounted to the downspout and every other component in between, our gutter product is a complete system that effectively keeps water flushing through while keeping debris and pests out.

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