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How to Throw the Ultimate Summer Party

One of the best things about owning a home is that you get to entertain guests time and time again. While holiday parties can be tons of fun, one of the best types of parties to throw is a summer party, specifically an outdoor one! When you combine the beautiful weather that Colorado summers bring and great friends and family members gathered together, there’s really nothing better than an outdoor summer party. 

If you’re used to throwing parties whether it be for birthdays, Sunday family dinners, Fourth of July, or any other themed party, we’re sure you already know how to dial up the fun. We’re going to share some tips on how to throw the ultimate summer party so you can get the most out of your summer! Keep reading to learn more.


1. Consider a Theme

Everyone loves a themed party! Guests love the opportunity to dress accordingly, bring appropriate themed snacks and drinks, and get excited about themed activities. Your themed party doesn’t have to be overly complicated – there are lots of themes you can choose from that won’t break the bank! Consider any of the following themes for your next summer party:

  • Luau or island
  • Summer Olympics
  • Fiesta/taco party
  • A theme from your favorite show/movie
  • Nighttime glow party

Whether you choose one of the themes listed above or go with your own unique theme, your guests will enjoy your party. It’s fairly easy to customize your themed party with decor and menu items- just do some research and get creative.


2. Make Sure You Have Adequate Seating for Guests

Whether you’re inviting a small or large group to your summer party, make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Summer parties can last all day or all evening (sometimes both) so make sure your guests can get comfortable. You don’t have to purchase expensive patio furniture, but be sure to provide seating for the number of guests you’re inviting.

Guests can get hot during the afternoon hours when the sun is shining down. Likewise, they can get tired if you’re throwing a nighttime party. Whatever time of day your party is, providing guests with adequate seating will make them more comfortable and likely to stay for a longer period of time.


 3. Create a Menu

What’s one of the top things guests look forward to at a summer party? Food of course! If you’re hosting a summer party then you’ll want to make sure you create a menu. Creating a menu for your party will make things easier for you in the long run. Not only does planning a menu make you more organized, but it also saves you time so you won’t be frantically putting food together on the day of the party.

If you’re going with a theme for your summer party, create a menu of dishes that goes with that theme. Guests will love your creative flair for matching the food to the theme of the party. If you’re not going with a theme then create a menu that incorporates a variety of foods: meats and vegetables to grill, side dishes, light snacks like chips and dip, and of course fruits and desserts.


 4. Provide Entertainment

While your guests will love the opportunity to mingle with each other, they’ll also appreciate it if you provide some entertainment. Keep it simple yet fun – consider playing an upbeat playlist over a Bluetooth speaker or add some fun outdoor games or even scavenger hunts with small prizes. When guests attend a party that has entertainment, they’re more likely to enjoy themselves and stay longer.


5. Always Have a Backup Plan

Colorado summer weather is unpredictable; it could be sunny and warm one minute while a rain shower or thunderstorm could roll in the next. Your outdoor summer party could be over not long after it starts if you fail to have a backup plan. How can you prepare to move your outdoor party indoors if unpredicted weather strikes? Plan in advance by having some designated areas in your home where you can serve food, set up games, and a general space for your guests to hang out. You don’t have to cancel your party due to bad weather… there are ways you can move your party indoors on a whim if you need to.

We hope you find these tips helpful so you can throw the ultimate summer party! There’s no way that guests won’t be thanking you for throwing such a great party if you follow any of the tips above. Happy summer party planning!

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