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K-Guard vs. Other Gutter Systems: How Do They Hold Up in Winter?

If you’re in the process of selecting a new gutter system for your home, you may feel overwhelmed with your options. From traditional half-round gutters to covers, filters and screens, and a few “complete” gutter systems, there’s a lot to choose from. The decision to install a new gutter system is crucial to your home’s drainage system, therefore, research should be done before selecting and installing a new gutter system.

At K-Guard, we’re often asked how our leaf-free gutter product compares to other gutter systems available on the market. Given our long winters here in Colorado, we’re also asked how well our system holds up compared to others in the winter months. Keep reading to learn how K-Guard holds up in winter compared to other gutter systems.


Traditional Half-Round Gutter Systems

Half-round or open-top gutter systems are one of the most common because of their affordability. While the concept of traditional half-round gutter systems collecting water from the roof and draining that water away from a home’s foundation seems straightforward, there are some downfalls to half-round gutters. 

There are many differences between open-top gutters and K-Guard, one of the main differences being how they perform, especially in the winter months. Snow and ice are extremely heavy and can weigh down traditional, half-round, and open-top gutter systems causing possible sagging, separation, and other damage over time. 

Because half-round gutters mount to the fascia and sometimes the roof, damage to the home’s fascia boards and soffit and even the roof can occur as a result of how half-round gutter systems are installed. K-Guard mounts above the floodplain, ensuring that your gutter system will never sag, separate from the home, or cause other damage from winter weather like heavy snow and ice storms.

Gutter Filters/Screens and Covers

Depending on which type of gutter filter/screen or cover you install, it may do a decent job of keeping large debris out of the gutters, however, they won’t hold up as well during the winter months as the K-Guard Gutter System will.

Homeowners often choose to install gutter filters/screens and covers themselves to save money and protect their homes from clogged gutters. While the idea of gutter filters/screens and covers sounds great in theory, the reality is that they don’t eliminate debris from entering the gutter system and they don’t withstand all types of weather conditions including heavy snow and ice, common winter weather in Colorado.

How do gutter filters/screens and covers hold up in winter? Because they act as a shelf, it’s easy for snow and ice to accumulate on top, rarely melting in frigid temperatures. That heavy snow and ice have nowhere to go and is left to sit and collect on top of the gutter screens/filters and covers, resulting in sagging and pulling away from the home. 

K-Guard’s complete seamless gutter product has a curved hood that allows precipitation among debris like leaves and twigs to simply slide off of the gutter system, preventing heavy snow and ice from accumulating. The result? No ice dams, sagging, or pulling away from the home, all issues that can arise with gutter screens/filters and covers.


Other “Complete” Gutter Systems

Shopping for a gutter system usually involves researching all options. You may have come across other “complete” gutter systems that claim to offer extreme durability and protection. Other “complete” gutter systems will claim that their product can flush more water and will never pull away from the home, however, this simply isn’t the case.

These so-called “complete” gutter systems can’t compete with the durability, performance, and protection that K-Guard offers. For one, other “complete” systems have smaller gutters and downspouts that in the wintertime aren’t able to flush large amounts of meltwater through the system, causing overflows and rotted fascia boards. They’re also prone to sagging and pulling away from the home.

K-Guard is different: our trough support prevents our gutter system from ever sagging, our rear drainage channel protects the home’s fascia boards and soffit, and our gutters and downspouts are larger, allowing more meltwater to flow through the gutter system at a rapid pace.

Selecting the right gutter system for your home can be overwhelming. With half-round gutters, gutter covers and filters/screens, and “complete” gutter systems to consider, there are many options. However, no other gutter system on the market can compete with K-Guard’s durability and performance, especially in the wintertime. With our snowy, icy, and frigid weather here in Colorado, it’s paramount that homeowners have a gutter system installed that helps prevent ice dams and heavy snow from ruining your gutter system and causing damage to your home. 

K-Guard lasts a lifetime as opposed to other gutter systems and solutions that may corrode, sag, or pull away from the home as a result of extreme weather conditions. Our gutter system is so durable that it’ll never pull away from the home, corrode, or get chips in the paint. We back our durable gutter system with not one, not two, but three-lifetime warranties that include a lifetime no-clog, lifetime no pull away, and a lifetime paint warranty. Your K-Guard Gutter System will last for the life of the home!

If you’re ready to make the switch to K-Guard, schedule your free in-home estimate today. K-Guard is the premiere gutter company in Colorado, providing a leaf-free gutter solution for homeowners for many years. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Schedule your free estimate today!


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