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Maintenance-Free for Life

K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System: Maintenance-Free for Life

The first surprise gutters will give you is how cheaply they can be made and how poorly they can be installed when you don’t have true professionals doing the work. Did you know that the metal on gutters is available in five thicknesses? Let’s say a big hailstorm damages your roof and the roofers you hire install new gutters. What do you know about the quality of the gutters? Fast forward to a big winter storm with a foot of snow on the roof. Those cheap gutters get ransacked not by snow but by the ice inside. The weight of the ice pulls them down. Now they’re not pitched correctly. Come spring, they’re holding water, which means mosquitoes, and little critters are using the gutters like a luge track.


Most people never know if their gutters are leaking over the back. When water disappears into the fascia board, it gets into the fascia and soffit boards and before long all of it is rotting. The cost to repair rotted fascia and soffit is not pleasant. It’s standard practice to clean gutters four times a year, but just about everybody hates that task and tries to get away with doing it twice a year instead. In fact, unless debris can be seen spilling out the top of a gutter, they’re likely to be completely ignored.


Now, the good news. K-Guard gutters have no choke points, cannot clog, and require no maintenance. Ever. As in, your days of standing awkwardly on a ladder and scooping out decaying leaves and undetermined gunk are over. So what’s the catch with the warranty, you might be asking? K-Guard guarantees in writing that the product will never clog, never pull away from the house and, as long as nothing rubs against the paint, the paint is good for a lifetime, too. “Lifetime” means as long as you live in your home. And it’s transferable for a balance of 50 years. So if you live in your home for 30 years, the next owner has 20 left on the warranty. K-Guard gutters are made with the thickest metal with the highest quality brackets and sealant. The product will last 50 years, at least. So, to answer your question, there’s no catch.


The fully engineered two-piece leaf free K-Guard® system, featuring a fully supported gutter and hood, a hidden patented hanger system, with improved aesthetics and additional strength as compared to similar systems on the market, is a Colorado original. Gary Knudson of Knudson Manufacturing in Broomfield invented it in 1996. And the owner of K-Guard’s Rocky Mountain franchise, Jackson Bain, is a Colorado native, too, whose family goes four generations deep in the construction business.


Back in 2007, Bain was a financial advisor (first job after college) but didn’t enjoy it and admittedly wasn’t great at it. When the housing market crashed a year later, he changed directions and
got into home improvement, all the while remembering something a great mentor had told him years before: Do the right thing for people, never about the money, and you can hold your head high. Jackson found his niche and was rapidly promoted in Sears’ home improvement division, becoming a regional manager in charge of three states. “My talent is helping others figure out how to become better at a job,” he says. And he used his talent well, helping sales staff learn how to better incorporate customer input into designs that took off with brand managers.


It was probably inevitable that Bain was headhunted away to Renovate America – a company that offers financing options to every home improvement company they can, lowering rates for customers and contractors alike, with no overhead. That job put him in touch with no less than 1,500 companies and countless product lines. One of those was K-Guard Gutters in Kansas City, where he lived at the time.


Jackson thought he’d seen every kind of gutter, but K-Guard surprised him. It was, in industry parlance, a “unicorn.” It’s the best product on the market for a lower price than high-end competitors. It turned out that no one owned the Colorado market, so Jackson and his wife, Brandi, put serious thought to coming home to the Centennial state with the Rocky Mountain franchise. The math worked, the timing was great, and in 2017 the Bains came home.


“My favorite thing about this work is meeting people,” Bain says. “It’s what makes home improvement great.” The K-Guard Rocky Mountain team does whatever it can to make sure customers are cared for well. Dealing with gutters is challenging. K-Guard gets it, and has the best product on the market. Maintenance will be a thing of the past for anyone who entrusts the work to K-Guard. Going above and beyond is their norm. For example, during installation when they remove the downspout and find that the house painter missed that section, they’ll paint it. Just because.


Here’s some geek talk about K-Guard for those who want to drill down. The strength of the FEA-verified K-Guard® system can be attributed to many of its high quality features, including a full-sized five-inch rain gutter that can hold .70 gallons per foot. Its robust, high-strength, all-weather design is kept secure with 0.027 to 0.032-inch thick coated aluminum (3105-H16 to H-24) or 16 and 20-ounce copper that’s formed on site. The design is sharp and seamless, with front and rear drainage passages for improved water collecting and flushing action that has been proven and field tested. The textured hood is removable and offers an extra line of protection against markings from hail.


It’s not every day you read about a service provider that thrives on not getting repeat business, but that’s K-Guard. Once your seamless, clog-free gutters are installed, it’s all over but the handshake. And what they “lose” in repeat business, they more than make up for in referrals, as you’ll see if you look up their reviews. Give Jackson Bain a call if you’re ready to forget about your gutters once and for all.


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