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Pros & Cons of Water Collection Barrels

We’re in the middle of the rainy season here in Denver with the rainiest month being May. On average, we get about 14.3 inches of rain each year, with the rainy season lasting from early spring until late fall. The rainfall we do get is extremely helpful for watering garden beds and our lawns which can easily become parched during the hot summer months.

Recently, as of 2016, Colorado made rain barrels officially legal, allowing homeowners to store up to 110 gallons of water among a maximum of two barrels. If you’re unfamiliar with what water barrels are and how they function, continue reading to learn about some pros and cons of water collection barrels to learn if they’re right for your home.

What are Water Collection Barrels?

Water collection barrels are barrels or other storage containers that you place near a downspout to collect water that flows from the roof and into the gutters. Using water collection barrels is a great way to gather and save water for later use. The water that’s collected in a rain barrel can be used to water your lawn and gardens and any other outdoor need. Water from a rain barrel should never be used for indoor needs or drinking as it can contain bacteria that are picked up as the water travels from the roof and into the gutters and downspouts.

Pros of Water Collection Barrels

There are many upsides to having water collection barrels on your property. Below are just some pros of taking advantage of water collection barrels and the water that they collect:

Save Money

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to use water collection barrels at your home is that they can save you quite a bit of money. Collecting your water and storing it for a later date prevents you from constantly having to turn on the outdoor faucet every time you want to water the lawn or your plants. Catching and storing stormwater in rain barrels will help you save on your future water bills, a major plus especially during the summer months when watering the lawn is a necessity here in Colorado Springs, Centennial, Aurora, and the surrounding cities.

Help Reduce Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can hurt the health of your lawn and garden beds. Plants and grass need the topsoil to grow and sustain new vegetation. Unfortunately, soil erosion is a common issue for homeowners that have traditional half-round gutter systems that clog often. When a half-round gutter system—whether it has a gutter screen, filter, or nothing at all⁠—clogs easily, water flow is impeded and has no choice but to spill over the gutters and onto the ground. Too much water can result in soil erosion quickly, especially during a thunderstorm or when ice and snow are melting at a rapid pace.

Water collection barrels can reduce soil erosion by collecting excess water and slowing down the amount of stormwater runoff. Traditional half-round gutter systems are prone to clogs and overflowing, so having a water collection barrel can help reduce the damage caused by soil erosion. Half-round gutter systems also can’t handle excess amounts of stormwater and meltwater, forcing the water to spill over.

Conserve Water

Water collection barrels allow you to collect rainwater for later use, therefore conserving water. Barrels can hold hundreds of gallons of water, however, the state of Colorado mandates that homeowners’ barrels cannot exceed 110 gallons of storage total. The water that you collect and store can be used any time, but it’s especially helpful when there are watering restrictions in place, a common occurrence during the summer months.

Cons of Water Collection Barrels

While water collection barrels can have many benefits, there are some downfalls to them. Below are just a few cons of owning and using water collection barrels:

Hotbed for Mosquitos

Any standing water is a hotbed for mosquitos. Unfortunately, water collection barrels that don’t have sealable lids quickly become a hotbed for mosquitos. Luckily, it’s easy to prevent as Colorado requires that homeowners use any container that has a sealable lid to prevent mosquito breeding. 

Hard to Collect During the Dry Season

It can be difficult to collect stormwater during the dry season here in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Centennial, and other surrounding cities. Our driest months are January, February, November, and December, with less-than-average precipitation totals. A lack of rain, snow, or ice means you won’t be collecting much water during the dry season. If you rely on the water from your water collection barrels then you’ll have to turn on the outdoor faucets during the dry season.

Water collection barrels have many advantages and a few disadvantages, however, they can save you money and keep your lawn and garden beds lush when rain isn’t in the forecast. Colorado homeowners are urged to take advantage of the mandates which allow homeowners to have up to 110 gallons of storage total. 

As mentioned earlier, traditional half-round gutters clog easily, impeding water flow and forcing stormwater and meltwater to pour over the side of the gutters. K-Guard is different than other gutter systems; our complete system has a curved hood that blocks all debris from entering the system, eliminating clogs forever. Water can flow freely at a rapid pace⁠—a minimum of 23 inches of rain per hour⁠—reducing the risk of soil erosion. Our gutter system also separates debris like leaves and twigs and prevents it from entering a water collection barrel as opposed to half-round gutters that drain debris into the barrel. Debris in a water collection barrel means more frequent cleaning and less space for water.

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