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The Dangers of Not Having Gutters on Your Home

Gutters… who needs them? EVERYONE. We’re not kidding – though gutters are an investment for homeowners, they are crucial to keeping your home dry and free of standing water. If not for gutters then homes would undergo so much damage aside from leaks.

So… if your home is missing gutters, can you do without them? No – that could be dangerous. But what are some dangers of not having gutters? 

We’re sharing the dangers of not having gutters installed on your home to help you understand the importance of having a quality gutter system. Keep reading to learn more.


Roof Deterioration

Gutters exist to drain stormwater and meltwater away from your home, but imagine if you didn’t have gutters on your home… how would water drain away? Simply put, it wouldn’t be able to. 

Without a gutter system to collect and flush water away, water would be left to sit on top of your roof for longer periods of time, creating a whole slew of issues. What happens to your roof if water is left to collect? Overtime, it’ll start to deteriorate. 

Roofs are a major investment for homeowners and the last thing you want is to have to replace it before you should. Having a quality gutter system installed on your home is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your roof.


Basement Flooding

Gutters and foundations work together to keep your home as dry as possible. They work together by ensuring water from the gutter doesn’t drain down and collect around the foundation and cause leaking in a home’s basement or on the first floor. 

But what happens when a home doesn’t have gutters? The inevitable… basement flooding. Without anywhere for stormwater and meltwater to collect and drain away from, water would be forced down a home’s roof to collect around a home’s foundation. Water wouldn’t have anywhere to drain to, therefore, collecting over time and building a trench around the home’s foundation.

With time, this water would seep into the foundation and make its way into the basement or first floor of a home time and time again. Not only is basement flooding a nuisance to deal with but it can also lead to other problems over time like mold and mildew which can be hazardous to your family’s health.


Landscaping Damage

Whether your home has colorful flower beds or beautiful shrubbery, you can expect all of your landscaping to be damaged without having gutters on your home. Landscaping can be costly whether you hire a professional landscaping company or do the work yourself; the last thing you’ll want is for all of the hard work to be erased due to excessive moisture.


Damage to Siding

When water has nowhere to drain, the water that collects on your roof will be forced to drip down the siding of your home which can create issues over time. If water is left to collect around your home’s siding then you can expect to see issues like mold, stains and even health hazards to your family.

Gutters and downspouts keep every part of your home protected from stormwater and meltwater including your home’s siding. You do not want your home to become an eyesore due to siding stains and mold.

Do you need gutters installed on your home? If your home is missing a gutter system, contact the expertly trained professionals at K-Guard. We offer free estimates and will take a look at your home and will examine it for any issues caused by missing gutters like roof deterioration, landscaping damage, and more.

Not only will our K-Guard gutter system protect your home from all of the dangers listed above, but our gutter systems are leaf-free, unlike traditional open-top gutters, meaning your gutters will never become clogged. We even offer a lifetime clog-free guarantee!

With winter just around the corner, you may be wondering if now is the time to install K-Guard. K-Guard has a 100% “No Pull Away/Fall Off” warranty because it was designed to withstand virtually any snow, ice, or wind conditions, making it the best choice for homeowners in cold-weather climates, perfect for the Colorado region. K-Guard mounts above the floodplain which eliminates the possibility of gutter separation from rotting fascia boards and soffit unlike traditional gutter systems.

Call (303) 476-4323 to schedule your free estimate today!



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