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We understand you have options when it comes to hiring a gutter installation company to professionally install a new gutter system. There are plenty of reputable gutter installers here in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, and surrounding cities. However, none can offer what K-Guard can.

Here at K-Guard, we’ve seen it all; we’ve been dismantling old gutter systems and installing our K-Guard System on countless homes for many years. After dismantling all types of gutter systems from half-round or open-top gutters, k-style, gutter screens and filters, and everything in between, we see the damage other gutter systems can cause to a home or how easily they become clogged.

K-Guard differs from other gutter systems in many ways. Keep reading to learn about the K-Guard difference so you can be better informed about how our product compares to others on the market.


Our Gutters are Seamless

Traditional half-round gutters are installed in sections and sealed at each joint or seam, whereas the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is seamless and made from one continuous piece of material. Seamless gutters mean there aren’t pieces that are cut and sealed. Instead, it’s seamless, meaning there are no joints or seams, allowing water to flow freely through the gutter. Seamless gutters have several advantages including eliminating leaks and an attractive design that catches the eyes of potential homebuyers.

Unlike many other gutter installation companies in Colorado, we arrive for your installation service with a 24-foot truck that houses all of our equipment and materials. Our rolling machine inside the truck custom cuts each piece of your seamless gutter system by taking flat coil stock and running it through a series of rollers. The rolling machine we use at K-Guard is longer than most other companies use to ensure the enamel on the product doesn’t crack during the rolling process – it slowly and safely bends our heavy-duty aluminum.


Our Product is The Most Durable & Effective

No other gutter product on the market can match the durability and effectiveness of K-Guard. From our unique hood to the downspout and everything in between, our product, which is a complete system, keeps debris out while flushing water faster than any other gutter system.

Our oversized gutters and downspouts allow for more water to be flushed through the system at a rapid pace. A minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour can move through our gutter system and water flow is never impeded due to clogs or seams. The K-Guard System will never sag, pull, or tear away from the home and can withstand all weather conditions. It’ll look good as new decades from now, guaranteed for the life of the home!


We Provide Excellent Customer Service

Another difference when hiring K-Guard versus other gutter installation companies is that we provide excellent customer service. Our staff goes above and beyond to provide stellar service throughout the entire process, including your free estimate and the installation process. Our staff will call to confirm your installation appointment as a courtesy reminder. We understand that life is busy and it’s hard to keep up with everything, including appointments. 

We have countless satisfied customers throughout Colorado including homeowners in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Denver, and surrounding cities. You can find many five-star ratings from real-life customers on the following:


We also have an A+ BBB rating. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have – feel free to contact us anytime.


Our Installation is Quick & Reliable

When we arrive for your gutter installation service, the entire process will be quick. We first begin by dismantling your current gutter system and hauling all of it away. After measuring, we custom cut your K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System to be a perfect fit for your home. Our expertly trained gutter installation team will then install your new gutter system.

Our installation service is quick; you can expect the entire process to last, on average, anywhere from 4-6 hours. You’re not required to be home during the installation process, but we do ask that you be easily accessible via phone just in case we have any questions. We’ll also be as quiet as possible during the installation service to be as “out of the way” as we can.


We Offer Multiple Warranties

Our gutter product is so durable that we offer three-lifetime warranties! Our lifetime warranty guarantees your gutter system will never clog. The K-Guard System will keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris out for good. If it ever does clog (trust us, it won’t) we’ll clean it for free. We also offer a paint warranty, guaranteeing our paint will never chip, peel, or crack. We also provide a lifetime workmanship warranty, covering any defects in workmanship for the life of the home. Unlike other gutter installation companies, our warranties have no exclusions.

Contact our team today to learn more about the K-Guard System or call (970) 432-8093. K-Guard is the premiere gutter company in Colorado, providing a leaf-free gutter solution for homeowners for many years. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Boulder, Castle Rock, Broomfield, Fort Collins, and so much more! 


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