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Why K Guard Rain Gutter Leaf Free Gutters


The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Solution

From the rain storms of spring and summer, to the leaves and pine needles of fall, winter’s heaviest snow storms, you need a gutter system that can stand up to all weather. For the best leaf-free gutter guard and pine needle-proof gutter system, we recommend K-Guard’s full gutter protection.

You may be wondering, “Will K-Guard work on my home?” And the answer is a resounding YES. K-Guard’s gutter solution is ideal for homes of all styles, shapes and sizes.

When you choose K-Guard, you’re choosing a smooth and integrated gutter system that is solidly constructed, with parts that all work together to provide full gutter protection. The K-Guard system includes five major parts that are designed in a curved structure. This seamless design provides great curb appeal and ensures the effectiveness of the gutter system.

K-Guard gutters are completely engineered, fully integrated, and seamless leaf-free gutters. No other gutter protection system can offer the strength, durability, capacity, and attractiveness of K-Guard.


What makes the K-Guard system unique?

  • Fold Over Hem: Protects your fascia boards by folding over the edge of the roofline. 
  • Nodes + Hangers: Two pieces that work together to ensure precise installation and maximum strength. 
  • Gutter material: .032” aluminum, the most durable material on the market. 
  • Hood: Placed over the top of the gutter, allowing debris to run off the gutter and not into it. 

We know you have choices when it comes to gutter protection. Compared to competitors, our system has clear advantages.


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