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Do Gutters Need Splash Blocks?

Gutter systems in Colorado work hard year-round to keep our homes protected from drainage issues. However, they work in overdrive during the winter months which are just around the corner. From freezing rain to heavy snow and warm days sprinkled in between that melt the snow and ice, your gutter system has a lot of precipitation to keep up with during winter.

While we will have warmer days sprinkled in between the frigid days this winter, all of the snow, ice, and freezing rain will eventually melt at the start of spring. When temperatures rise, then all precipitation that’s accumulated on a half-round gutter system will start to melt. 

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, we’re going to have a rollercoaster of winter weather this year. They’re predicting that we have frigid, snowy days followed by sunny and mild days, then more snow. All of this winter weather wreaks havoc on your gutter system for months and especially in spring when all of this precipitation starts to melt. When the weather warms up in the spring, there can be a lot of meltwater that causes issues for traditional, half-round gutter systems.

Many homeowners choose to add splash blocks to the base of their gutter system’s downspouts to further direct water away from their home’s foundation. Splash blocks can be helpful when it comes to directing water away from a home’s foundation, but are they really necessary, and should you add them to keep up with all of the meltwater we’ll experience in the spring? Keep reading to learn if gutters need splash blocks.


What are Splash Blocks?

Splash blacks are not part of the actual gutter system, rather, they’re added by homeowners. If you’re unfamiliar with what splash blocks are, they’re rectangular blocks made of either concrete, rubber, or plastic that are placed at the base of a downspout. They also have a slight angle at the top of the device that allows water to be forced downward.

Splash blocks function to divert water away from a home, helping to eliminate water pooling around the home’s foundation. They’re relatively inexpensive and work well to drain excess water further away from a home.


What are the Benefits of Adding Splash Blocks?

Splash blocks have many benefits. As we previously mentioned, they aid in diverting water away from a home’s foundation, helping to eliminate water pooling around it. Less water around a home’s foundation means less of a chance for basement flooding and structural damage. Some other benefits include:

  • Aiding in preventing landscape damage
  • Helps to prevent soil erosion
  • Easy to place & customize to your home and existing gutter system


The damage above can result in some costly repairs, especially basement flooding and foundation damage. Foundation damage is a serious issue that can cause many other issues for homeowners including foundation upheaval, leaning or tipping, and cracks in the foundation.


How do I Add Splash Blocks to My Gutter System?

Adding splash blocks to your gutter system is quick and easy. Home improvement stores carry a variety of splash block options and even more are available online. Simply select the material you prefer and the color that complements your home’s beauty and your current gutter system. Once you’ve purchased splash blocks, place them directly under each downspout of your gutter system. Depending on which material you choose, you’ll want to monitor them to make sure they haven’t cracked or broken apart.

All components of a gutter system work in unison to protect homes from drainage issues. Adding splash blocks is another step you can take and place yourself to further prevent drainage issues and damage. From splash guards to a seamless gutter system and splash blocks, there are many ways to protect your home. 

While we recommend adding splash blocks to further prevent water damage at the foundation, the first step to help prevent drainage issues is by installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our complete gutter system protects your home from water damage at the roofline. 

From our seamless design to our patented hood, water can flow through our oversized gutters and downspouts at a much faster rate than traditional gutter systems – a minimum of 23 inches of rain per hour! These larger sized 3×4 downspouts allow for stormwater and meltwater to be pushed even further away from your home than traditional gutter systems. The K-Guard Gutter System also eliminates clogs forever, meaning you never have to clean your gutter system again. Our gutter product is so durable that it’s backed by three-lifetime warranties and is guaranteed transferable for the life of the home.

Consider making the switch to K-Guard to further protect your home from drainage issues. Schedule your free in-home estimate today. We proudly offer our installation service across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: 


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