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4 Most Common Gutter Issues Explained

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Our gutters exist to protect our homes from drainage issues. While gutters function to collect water from our roofs and direct it away from our home’s foundation, they can malfunction. Unfortunately, gutter issues are fairly common especially with traditional sectional gutters and half-round gutter systems. 

Keep reading to learn about the 4 most common gutter issues as well as some solutions so you can ensure your gutters are functioning properly.


1. Clogged Gutters

Perhaps the most common gutter issue we see here at K-Guard is clogged gutters. Half-round gutter systems and even gutter systems with screens and filters installed can clog easily. Luckily, a clogged gutter is easy to identify and is usually easy to remedy. When a gutter is clogged, water will usually leak over the side of the gutter as a result of a blockage that’s impeding water flow. 

Half-round gutter systems clog easily since the inside of the gutter is completely exposed. A home that’s surrounded by pine trees and whirlybirds will clog often as a result of debris entering the gutters. Add in pests that like to call your gutter system home—like insects and birds—and you’ve got a recipe for clogs. Even gutter screens and filters can easily clog from seeds and shingle sediment entering the gutters. While clogs are common, especially here in Colorado, they can wreak havoc on your gutter system and cause all sorts of other issues like overflowing and sagging gutters.


2. Overflowing Gutters

When a gutter system is clogged from debris, whatever is causing the blockage will impede water flow. When water isn’t able to flow through the gutters and into the downspout, it has no choice but to overflow. Overflowing gutters can cause issues like roof leaks and can rot the soffit and fascia boards resulting in a costly repair. Overflowing gutters can also pose a risk to loved ones and those who use your walkway because water will pour over the gutter and can cause slippery walkways.


3. Sagging Gutters

Clogs and overflowing gutters create a domino effect resulting in sagging gutters. Water is heavy, especially if a clog isn’t removed and is left to build up and get even bigger over time. When water continuously enters the gutters and a clog is present then the heavy water will cause the gutters to sag.

Sagging gutters leads to stress on the section of the gutter that isn’t draining water, resulting in it dropping lower and lower each time water enters it. Sectional gutter systems can easily sag since the system is installed in sections and seams are present. Sagging gutters will cause the gutter to ultimately tear away from the home creating a messy and costly repair for homeowners.


4. Damaged Gutters

Another common gutter issue homeowners can experience is damaged gutters, especially if they have a traditional gutter system installed. Sectional gutter systems contain many different components like gutter pieces, hangers, nuts, and bolts that easily become loose or damaged as a result of clogs and sagging and overflowing gutters as the gutter system ages. These components often loosen over time, damaging the entire gutter system. 

Traditional gutter systems can also become damaged as a result of severe weather and natural wear and tear throughout the years. Some gutter systems will dent from hail or heavy rainfall and ice storms while others will rust or get chips in the paint from severe weather. Damaged gutters are common, especially with sectional and half-round gutter systems.


Are there any Solutions to Avoid These Common Gutter Issues?

While gutter issues are common, there are some things you can do to avoid them. Below are a couple of solutions to help avoid these common gutter issues.

Clean Your Gutters Often

We can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning your half-round gutter system. They should be cleaned at least two times per year, more if your home is surrounded by trees. Cleaning half-round gutters is a nuisance and a chore most homeowners dread, but it needs to be done to prevent clogs and sagging, overflowing, and damaged gutters.

Install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System

The best solution to avoid the 4 common gutter issues listed above is to install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our gutter product is seamless, so seams and excess hangers and material are nonexistent, resulting in no clogs and an easier way for water to flow from the gutters and into the downspout.

Our seamless gutter product is a complete system that offers more than just one part to keep debris like leaves out. From our curved hood that allows leaves and other debris like pine needles and twigs to simply slide off to our oversized gutters and downspouts, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System protects your home from drainage issues. Our gutter system allows only water to enter the system through a rear drainage channel. This means no clogs which, as a result, eliminates the need for you to clean your gutter system for good! Our gutter system is so durable and effective that it comes with three-lifetime warranties including a lifetime no-clog, paint, and no pull away warranty, so it’ll never become damaged. K-Guard is guaranteed transferable for the life of the home!

To install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, contact our team of professionals today. K-Guard is the premiere gutter company in Colorado, providing a leaf-free gutter solution for homeowners for many years. We proudly install the K-Guard Gutter System across the state of Colorado including, but not limited to, the following locations: Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Schedule your free estimate today!


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